Month: November 2014

Cowboy Take Me Away

Set free and enjoying a favorite indulgence

Set free and enjoying a favorite indulgence

Some of you may know that my wonderful husband got me singing lessons for my fortieth birthday. He knows it is my dream to sit by a campfire while someone strums on a guitar and belt out a song or two. (…and to sing happy birthday without giving it a second thought.) Modest dreams but they are all mine. (…and now I want to learn to play guitar too…but I’m like that with my ambitions and dreams…they keep ‘a comin’!)

Today was my third lesson with the amazingly talented, warm and funny (and beautiful!) Vanessa Bryan at Music Lessons LA. (She’s singing at Perch tonight if you are free.) Today was a breakthrough. In three lessons I have learned SO much. I can move my epiglottis up and down to go from high to low – I know what my “mask” is and how to use it and why.

But today – I really sang! The song was Cowboy Take Me Away – which has always been a favorite. It seems really obvious – but I just didn’t know it before – in order to sing well – you need to feel the words and emotions of the song. (Okay – some of you out there could make anything sound good – whether you are feeling it or not…) But I have experienced this with both painting and writing. There are times when I am writing a sad scene and there are tears running down my face – and those are some powerful scenes. In painting, when I am transfixed – that comes through in the piece. Apparently its the same thing with music. Duh – I mean I know, but I have never made music – so makes heaps of sense.

Cowboy take me away. Yes, I too want to grow something wild and unruly. Yes, please. It felt amazing.

Elsie Escobar Elsie’s Yoga – one of my favorite yoga teachers, used to say, “You have everything you need. Your poses and power are there – you just need to unwrap the layers.” (Okay- I am paraphrasing, Elsie.)  But that is how I have always felt about my physical strength and my singing voice. I KNOW IT IS THERE – just wrapped beneath layers of shyness and weak from lack of use.

So, I got there today – for a moment. And I lost it too. My assignment this week is to lock myself in a room and kind of go nuts. Let it go. Let it all out. Summon the passion. SHOUT. SCREAM. Go a little kukoo bananas. “Can I have a drink before I do this?” I asked Vanessa half-jokingly. She wants to believe me when I am singing “SET ME FREE.”

Watch out world. This is akin to orgasms. Just saying. Pictured above – what the girl who is truly set free wants to order when she goes to the cafe next to singing lessons to write for an hour before picking up her little one.

So I did! I am set free today – sorry small bowl of vegetable soup. I hope you find your voice today too.

Love, M.

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